• Timothy Njeru

    Timothy Njeru

    Tech entrepreneur who is passionate to share quality stuff related to tech news, marketing, and inspirational

  • Graham Ingokho

    Graham Ingokho

    We are mobile. Working to enable mobile communications in Africa. @Africastalking

  • Tech Innovators

    Tech Innovators

  • Danopacho


  • Chioma Odukwe

    Chioma Odukwe

  • Sally Kuria

    Sally Kuria

    Aspiring storyteller. Currently building my own thing at uhiki.co

  • Harrison Enene

    Harrison Enene

    #Christian #Entrepreneur #Founder #Businessman #Lover #FreeWillGiving

  • Chuka Nwadiogbu

    Chuka Nwadiogbu

    Software developer who loves writing but isn’t very good at it…

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