Happy International Women’s Day

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Here’s the thing, I think I am a feminist, I don’t know if I always do it right or nah but I imagine I am one and ordinarily I will jump at the opportunity to celebrate international women’s day. Any excuse to unashamedly brag about the amazing accomplishments of women everywhere? Sign me up.
But today I am just feeling a bit down in the dumps, and I can’t think of a reason to celebrate IWD because some days the voices in your head win, some days you lose that mental health battle, some days you’re just unable to can, some days you just can’t master the energy to rise up and smash the patriarchy; and for me today is one of those days. It sucks that it also falls on IWD and all I want is someone to say:

Hey, your existence alone is worth celebrating, here’s a hug and happy IWD to you too. I know you’re not feeling it but remember: it’s just a sad day not a sad life. And whenever you’re feeling yourself again you can still celebrate IWD because everyday is IWD. Everyday you wake up and try is IWD.

Sometimes the biggest victory is getting out of bed and trying when you have zero energy for it. So to all the women out there struggling with various forms of mental health issues, happy IWD to you and thank you for existing.

I write stuff sometimes :)